The Show:

Overprescribed (Twitter: @_overprescribed) is a  weekly podcast show putting the spotlight on America’s prescription medication issues by talking about the statistics, history, societal perspectives, epidemics, issues, news and overall troubling interplay between prescription medications and our healthcare system — all in an effort to inform and empower American consumers to manage and make the best decisions about the medications they choose (or choose not) to consume. The show also hopes to serve as the catalyst for action and change in America, all driven by consumers.

With nationwide statistics showing the rate of prescriptions steadily increasing over the last decade, swelling at over 4 billion prescriptions being written in 2017, there doesn’t seem to be a better time than now to start a show like Overprescribed.

The Host:

Mika Pollack (Twitter: @mikainc) is the host of Overprescribed.  She has firsthand knowledge and experiences with pharmaceutical medications, both personally and professionally, that propelled her to the mic.  She has worked on numerous investigational drug and post-marketing drug research projects as part of their operational management teams. She also has friends and family members who have been negatively impacted by pharmaceutical drug-related issues like polypharmacy and devastating, serious adverse drug reactions.