Interested in looking up FDA approval letters for drugs on the market right now? Well, we know exactly how you can find them. Follow these step by step instructions and you’ll find approval letters, labeling info and more from the FDA’s drug approval database.


Step 1 – Visit the FDA’s website at and click the “Drugs” tab:


Step 2 – Click “Drug Approvals and Databases”:


Step 3 – Click “Drugs@FDA Search”:


Step 4 – Enter the name of the drug you’re searching for in the search field (or) at least the first 3 letters of the drug per the search text box instructions:


Step 5 – Here we’re using the name “BRAFTOVI” as an example in the search field:


Step 6 – After we hit enter to search for all information in the database for the drug BRAFTOVI, below is what we found. Now, see that section that starts with “Approval Date(s) and History…”? Ok, click that.


Step 7 – Once you click that, then it will open to reveal all the files (see far right of photo below) associated with the drug’s approval that are available for public review.